Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The past three times I've gone out with my friends dressed like this, passersby have asked "so, are you guys in a play?" or "what's the occasion for your outfits?" Is it really so hard to believe that we just enjoy dressing non-conventionally? I'll never complain about the attention we receive because, ultimately, that's the purpose of fashion. To make a statement. I never reply with a sharp tongue, a simple "this is our normal style," and flash of my business card tends to suffice. I call this look "Mourning the Death of Mankind's Collective Dignity" (I shouldn't have to affirm that this is tongue in cheek). I don't feel confident unless I look like I'm attending a funeral.

Hat- Random hat store
Necklaces- DIY, Adri Law, vintage
Shirt- Savers
Skirt- Secondhand
Pumps- Salvatore Ferragamo
Bag- Lanvin Paris

If ya can't tell, I'm REALLY bored with the whole Mulberry bag + high waisted khaki shorts + socks + clog wedges + blouse + polka dot blouse + floppy hat combination. Not that I don't appreciate how inherently stylish the outfit is, I'm just annoyed with seeing it 50 times a day on various fashion blogs. Anyone else think that most staple style bloggers are starting to look the same? It's pushing me further into this visceral desire to dress bizarrely.

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Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. Beautiful! I love all your outfits so much! :)

  2. I am tired of the ripped denim shorts and the black tights! I want to throw up when I see it..I love the hat! This look would certainly make me look.

  3. I agree with you but when I love it, I don't care if there are a lot of people wear it..But I try to wear it in a different way. I really like your style because it's different :)


  4. i find the way you do your eyemakeup so pretty. it gives you like doll eyes. im glad you mix things up a bit with your clothes, i wish more people would

  5. Maybe there's this fear of not fitting while not fitting in....
    It's kind of silly though how they all give the same "advice". That's why I don't follow the so called trend.

  6. that hat is amazing ;)

  7. Gorgeous black look !


  8. You look very skinny in that gif.
    But I do love your shoes.
    Keep being awesome.

  9. This is your best witchy outfit to date. I'm stunned.

  10. do you put curlers in it? i love the body of your hair!

  11. http://avintagenewlook.blogspot.com

    I love the way the upclose pictures are made.
    And the way you pose. You have a cool style.

  12. really pretty, and love the dress and accessories!xx


  13. I totally agree with you when you say that all these bloggers are looking the same. Keeping pushing the envelope, girl! <3


  14. Your coordinates are so gorgeous! So is your backdrop and everything....!

  15. Your style is so fab! Amazing photos too! Keep rocking it girl! :D

  16. awesome hat, love your outfit!

  17. I just hope that people here could also express their real selfs and not make fun of the people who actually do!
    GREAT outfit!!keep reveiling your real self girl;)

  18. I like so much!


  19. You look great! I love the 'mourning' look. I really agree with you, some people just can't comprehend that there are other people out there with imagination and creativity, that wish to stand out from others. I really admire you for doing so. You look perfect! I'm getting really sick of those 'standard' blogger looks myself. Especially the whole 'color blocking' thing...

  20. Add to your list: vintagey dress + sox + brogues/platforms + cardi (god can't believe I used that word) + hairbow/hair scrunchie/bowler hat/floppy hat. Cute enough, but if I'm starting to see it in Cowtown, it's probably not worth blogging about (without the proper degree of ironic distance).

    Anyway, love your inspiration, love your intelligence, love the unpredictability of your many styles. Everything is infinite.

  21. i guess grief is the new millitary - both glorify something borderline offensive. thank you for putting yourself out there. there aren't enough people who do these days.

    actually there are, and they all hate the whole Mulberry bag + high waisted khaki shorts + socks + clog wedges + blouse + polka dot blouse + floppy hat combination too.

    there are probably lots of people like you, and together you would be like this postmodern, satanistic cult that is a book clubs on the side.

    then lots of people interested in horse racing would join your cult because of your hat. with the netting and all.

    i watched your short film.

  22. Simply awesome ! I totally agree with you about the boring blogger outftit thing... and yet, you didn't take a look at the french fashion blogosphere... BO.RING !!
    Come visit my blog someday, I'd love to read you :)