Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Shock Boutique is an online shopping community selling everything from as-seen-on-celeb apparel to one-of-a-kind rompers, dresses, jackets, and accessories. We've teamed up to offer all my wonderful readers the opportunity to win this incredible cross-body handbag! Selected by yours truly, this purse is the perfect accent to almost any and every outfit. Like my trusty Rebecca Minkoff, the bag features black and gold hardware and hangs like a messenger. It can be worn casually to a picnic in the park, or fancily to a posh dinner uptown. The opportunities are infinite, and they could easily be yours!! The requirements to win are as follows:

1. Tweet about this giveaway with a link back to my blog. Don't forget to include my twitter handle! @BebeZeva

2. Follow me and @ShockBoutique on Twitter!

3. Fan both of us on Facebook- Shock Boutique + Fated To Be Hated

4. Leave a comment detailing how YOU would wear this bag!

Last but not least, you must be following me on Google Reader or Bloglovin'!

I will announce the winner on Tuesday, June 21st. HAVE AT IT!

Hairbow- Vintage
Cardigan- Secondhand
Pencil skirt- 1990s vintage
Suspenders- American Apparel
Socks- Forever 21
Loafers- Etienne Aigner

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. I suppose this is the kind of bag you can carry around with almost anything, really. But still I'll try to give an example of an outfit.. hmm.. let's say a black biker jacket, black ankle lace-up heels and something totally pastel and lacy inside like a tutu, pastel (lavender?) tights, an oversized lavender T-shirt, lots of necklaces, accessories and some dramatic hairbow or a minihat. ^^

  2. 1.

    2. I´m so so sorry, I haven´t got Twitter, so I can´t :(
    3. ok
    4. Oh I will wear it with everything, actually I don´t have black handbag in my closet, so... :D

    I following you on google :)

  3. it's a perfect bag..i'd wear it with my DIY shorts and tights, an oversized t-shirt or a see through shirt, and some flat shoes..and with some black&white(or pastel) jewellery :)

    1. tweeted (my twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/earthtosofi )
    2. followed you and shock boutique
    3. liked the pages
    4. :)
    5. followed you on bloglovin'

  4. I have done all you said to do in the above and I think I shall have to jazz this bag up a bit! maybe add a decapitated blonde barbie for some bling, then a my little pony teddy, add some jewels to the v shaped on the front. add some colourful ribbon intertwined in the gold blingey strap. Then add some more charms like my hello kitty mirror from asos.com and then wear it with any outfit I have because it would be killer! I do love a customised bag it feels like my special tortoise shell, I keep everything you name in my bag except the kitchen sink. And I never have enough bags! Saying that though the gems and all the customisation to the bag can be easily removable so I could wear with the gothic side to me, the gold would add a sense of gothic royalty to the outfit! :) and ofcourse it would be marvellous to even own something that Bebe has touched and sent to me from USA :) Love Charliet I hope I win <3 xxxx

  5. http://twitter.com/#!/Mintsandchips
    followed, faned, done :)

    This year I'll be a senior and what's the irony about this is that my school colors are black and gold<3 (amazing colors) and what's better than a bag that stays relevant to your school color right? I could wear this almost everyday with pretty much anything! that's the beauty of black. I would probably debut this bag with a black tunic shirt and black skirt with my oxford shoes(theyre simply marvelous) and some black tights with a gold necklace of an owl<3 i know its summer but surprisingly its not too hot to wear black cause I like my coffee black just like my metal. I believe having a bag is a must on your wardrobe which I so constantly fail to have, i only have a multi-colored sachel that i wear almost everyday but sadly its hanging by a string. I'd like to expand new fashion senses and explore its depths and this bag could be the start of a beautiful beggining to this quest.
    love you bb regardless, yours truly Ana<3

  6. I would wear this bag for a night out with the girls. I'd slip on my combat boots and a cute bandage dress for a mix between feminity and edge. Gold clunky jewlery would help complete the look as well as a rocker leather jacket. A cute patterned nostalgic scarf tied around my hair like a turband would help balance out the look. Possibly donning '80's inspired gold studs. :)

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  9. This bag deserves one of my black vintage 1940's hats, preferably one with the big flower on it. I will complete the sassy look with a light pink sweater with mix-match buttons, long skinny, black Hudson Jeans, Nine Weat flats that open at the toe, and as many pearls as I can fit on my body. If this isn't the perfect outfit for the bag, then I don't know what is. Keeping it simple and keeping it classy.

    -britnee Bartlett

  10. i think i just died and went to heaven, this bag is wonderful.
    i've done everything you've said :3
    i'd wear this with a chanel inspired outfit, most likely with my green chanel t-shirt, black body con skirt, messy bun, red lipstick, brown leather loafers, my white vintage cardigan with a black trim and white and gold button, ooh and my gold necklace with chains on :3 ahh the possibilities are endless.. thank-you bebe for even giving me the chance to lay my eyes on something so gorgeous let alone even winning it.

  11. This bag has so many possibilities! I would wear it a gauze/silhouette skirt with my cloak, doc martens, black lennons, and beanie or black sun hat. Another look would be a scholar look, with a black blazer, sleek gray button up w/ a burrberry vest over it, slacks/pants, and gold loafers. You could also easily make a punk rocker look with a denim vest or denim jacket,acid washed shorts, my lamb of god shirt, and docs, and lets add the lennons again for the hell of it.
    Anyways I could go on and on, but I know you'll have thousands of these to read. Thanks Bebe! :)

  12. 1. Tweeted it!! I'm @MalloryInNYC

    Sorry for all the comments, but I'm not sure if you wanted us to do separate comments for each step 1-5. Lots of contests require it, so I'm assuming not spamming! Lol. :)


  13. 2. Following both you and Shock Boutique on twitter!! :)


  14. 3. 'Liked' both on Facebook!!

    Your default is adorable, btw. :)


  15. i would wear it with my DIY tuxedo shorts and a lace top with a bandeau under the lace. I would wear (of course) a statement bow in my hair and a smile on my face. :) Oh and I would wear some super cute oxford heels <3

    basically this (http://ctad.blogspot.com/2011/06/ct-148-if-only-if-only-61411.html) outfit, but a bandeau instead of a tube top underneath and oxford heels instead of the boots and probably with some awesome silver/gold bangles and RED lipstick.

  16. my name is carolina valencia and i absolutely adore this blog. i go home hoping you have posted something new so i can obsess over it. when i saw you posted a giveaway i ran around my house yelling that i needed to win this. i really can't pin-point one way i would use it. there are so many possibilities. i would carry it around everywhere like the boardwalk or the park, even the pizzeria.
    i follow you on bloglovin', twitter, and facebook. i also shock boutique.

  17. ugh, the beginning of my comment DID NOT WORK, but I said: I cannot do anything that you said since I don;t have a facebook or twitter, but, for fun, this is what I would wear:

  18. 4. I would wear this bag with black skinny jeans, [secondhand] black 4-inch Louboutins, and a shoulderless white esprit sweater! Sounds slightly boring, but I'm picturing it & its gorgeous!! PERFECT internship outfit :)


  19. [5] Following you via GFC! [of course]

  20. wow! love everything! especially your hair here :)
    i have a bag similar to that black one, but that one is cuter! haha

  21. I love wearing this bag with a denim skinny jeans, crop shirt and a boots. wow.

    i hope i'll win this... love the item so much!

    Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/joytheexplorer/status/80855680818483200

    Follow you already in twitter and facebook., and ofcourse your blog.. and not to mention, your lookbook too. :)

    Email address: krystelleaquin@yahoo.com
    Name : Krystelle Joy B. Aquin

  22. I currently don't own a "twitter" account. ( I don't plan on getting one, sorry) (: I did follow you on facebook. (:

    My thoughts exactly, this bag is just like your Rebbecca Minkoff. It can be worn ANYWHERE!
    If I got this I would pair it with black denim studded shorts DIY, and a long sheer boxed tee with knee tights, and Jeffrey Campbell Black Pixes, silver/gold cross chain and my trusty turquoise ring!- for color.

    Love your style Bebe! (:

  23. 1. Tweeted!
    2. Followed you and shock boutique
    3. Liked the pages
    4. I'd love wearing this bag on every outfit! It's black and it seems comfortable. I'm asking myself right now: there is an outfit with this bag doesn't match with? I can think about decorated jumpsuit and black heels.
    5. Followed you on Blogloving!

    It's the first giveaway for me! You're amazing and beautiful.

  24. I discovered your blog not long ago and I love your outfits. I think I'd wear this bag with high waist black shorts, an oversized t-shirt and some high heels. Than I'd add some gold accessories and I'd wear a messy bun. I think you can wear it with many others outfits ;D
    I don't use twitter but I tweeted and followed you (and ShockBoutique) anyway
    I'm your fan and Shock Boutique's on FB

    Cristiana Brindas

  25. I Fanned both of you on Facebook- Shock Boutique + Fated To Be Hated, and, on google + blog lovin!. I don't have twitter though :S

    Basically I would wear this bag with a hot pink bandage dress with an oversized neutral cardigan and my black ferragamo ankle boots (can be seen here for reference: http://nicolelikes.blogspot.com/2011/06/baby-blue-denim-skirt.html) Also I'd pair it with mint/turquoise bracelets + a silver chain long necklace! Hope you see this and choose me bebe! I really love your style and blog!!!

  26. Awesome giveaway Bebe. Love the bag. Thanks so much. Enter me pretty pleasee... :)

    Old follower of you on GFC: Meg

    bloglovin; capturingfashionindia

    Twitter: @megmehp

    Retweet: https://twitter.com/#!/MegMehP/status/80972444998971392

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/megmehtab

    email: megmehtab(at)gmail(dot)com

    This bag is a multi purpose structure bag that will go with each and every outfit. However, I would pair it best with black JC Litas with loads of linked chains over a peasant blouse along with many many other accessories. I am also thinking of feather hair extensions will add that edgy and grungy look paired with this bag. Awesome!




  27. So... I would wear this gorgeous bag with my diy shorts or black ripped skinny jeans, oversized tee or black top and diy denim vest, docs and lots of jewellery. Or classic: Black vintage dress, simple bracelet, flats/heels and this amazing bag.

    e-mail: inpieces25@gmail.com
    name: Weronika

  28. This is the type of bag that could really be with either a dressed up or dressed down outfit. Personally, I'd love to wear it with something super casual to offset the "classy-ness" of the bag. It's very Chanel influenced, which j'adore. From my own closet, I'd potentially pair it with my denim long-sleeved shirt, sleeves rolled up, from Urban Outifitters; a simple tee (any neutral like gray, white, black) underneath that; a pair of bold-printed red/teal/black/etc. floral leggings I got in Amsterdam; and my gray Doc Martens.

  29. ^^ And my information is:

    Name: Jackie Dreyer
    Email: jacquelinedreyer@gmail.com
    Twitter: @JackieDreyer
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JacquelineDreyer

  30. Heyya:) I'm following on FB, twitter and bloglovin' with this e-mail address: iamrenke@yahoo.com
    Oh, and how would I wear this bag .. well: I have the most amazing black vintage high-waisted shorts, so I'd definiately pair them with this bag;and then I have a beautiful yellow vintage short-sleeved shirt, which would look great with my black shorts, this bag and my gorge black leather Litas :) I'd add some big golden jewellery, just because I love gold! And I have the greatest pair of sunnies, which also have some gold in them, so those would just look fabbbb! I would wear an outfit like this for a sunny summer afternoon walk, mhmmmm :)
    so, here it is. hope you like my idea and you'll maybe even give me this bag.. maybe? hahah, thanks anywayz hun. take care, x o

  31. The bag could be worn with virtually anything, paired with a classic Chanel look or worn with an outfit worthy of an biker babe.

  32. did everything you asked: facebook, twitter, and bloglovin'! (mangosalad@hotmail.com)

    and hrm, i could wear it with my boyfriend denim shorts, tucked in oversize beatles t-shirt, camel leather cut-out flats, and bright red heart sunglasses!


  33. I really do believe that this bag is a go-everywhere bag! I can envision myself wearing it with so many outfits, but one that really comes to mind includes black patent leather mary janes, cream thigh high socks, a cute little navy velvet skirt with a cream petticoat underneath, a black collared button-up blouse, a black floppy hat, a sheer scarf tied around my waist, and circular sunglasses. If needed, I would wear a black fitted blazer with it all. For accessories I would wear some ornate bangles and a bold necklace.

    I fanned you and shock boutique on facebook-my name is Kim Hoang
    I followed both of the accounts on twitter-my twitter is @kimshutup
    I made a tweet about your giveaway.

  34. If I had limitless amounts of money, I'd wear this with some plain black Acne wedges, with a dress like this: http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/97824

    But I don't, so I'd probably just put it with some levi shorts and a tie dye top.X

  35. This outfit is so chic. You always look so well put together.

    Fashion and Style Blog

  36. i would definitely wear the bag with some denim shorts, some sort of crazy black top or maybe a shirt and a messy hairdo.

    Sandra Andrei
    - andrei.sandra@gmail.com

  37. This bag is SO beautiful! I would honestly wear this bag with anything, but in particular I have this beautiful leopard-print maxi dress from H&M that has an empire waist and a silver zipper and gathering at the bust that I feel so confident in every time I wear it. It's a bold piece that really turns heads and that I love to wear, and this bag would be a perfect match to my beloved dress. Thanks for the chance to win Bebe!

    Facebook: Francesca Rizzo
    Facebook Page: The Beauty Creep
    Twitter: @frizzo3133
    Blog: http://beautycreep.blogspot.com/

  38. Hey Bebe! I would wear this bag with my famous green polo shirt, cargo khaki shorts, white sucks, and Osiris D3 shoes. Probably some loc'd out shades too ;p

    My email addy is: thatswhatsup@waytoomany.com
    My twitter URL is: http://twitter.com/lakerat420

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

    -Lake Rat (u allllready kno!) West coast, Lake Nacimiento, babay!

  39. I would wear it to school. Im studying information science with al kind of nerd types. This bag would make me a star between boredom!

  40. I follow you and @ShockBoutique on Twitter! (Gr8tfulDayz)

    I am a fan both of you on FB.

    I follow you on Bloglovin'!

    I would wear this with pretty much everything! But first with my new jeans and a black lace top and chunky bracelets. Perhaps not as cute as you. =P

    Thanks for the giveaway! ☺

  41. http://thereviewstudio.blogspot.com/

    if youre looking for another good fashion, makeup, and lifestyle blog!

  42. Love your blog!Hey will you check out mine? If you follow I will return the favor! Thanks to much:)

  43. I would wear it with jeans and an oversized, asymmetrical Calvin Klein Jeans sweatshirt! And many other things . . .

  44. I simply love the bag & I think it's really hard to decide what to wear with it. But today I'm in a classical mood, so I would wear it with a pencilskirt, a 1940s blouse, lots of pearls, black heels and a cute vintage hat...
    but I think the bag would go with a cute little sailor playsuit too <3

  45. btw, I hope I'm not too late, 'cause I really LOVE this bag!

  46. 1. Tweeted!
    2. Followed you and shock boutique
    3. Liked the pages
    4.This bag is an amazing bag. It is simple and elegant and can make an outfit dressy or make it look classy casual. It can go with any outfit really because of the the colour and gold accents. I would wear it with a flowy sundress for an everyday look, or a pencil skirt and blouse, or just casual skinny jeans with an oversized top. this bag could go with either options. I would work it with this bag.

    5. following on GoogleReader.

  47. The bag is absolutely stunning. I love the colors black and gold. Not only because it's elegant but because you can simply wear it with anything. If you're on your way to a dinner and you're the only one not dressed up to par BUT you just happened to have this lovely, gorgeous handbag, you can dress your entire outfit up.

    For a nice formal event: I'd wear my black penelope fringe dress from nastygal and my black leather jeffrey campbell litas.

    For a casual event: I'd wear high waisted loose silk trousers with a white collared button down vest like blouse tucked in. For shoes: loafers with socks. xx

    i wouldnt wear any jewelry around the neck simply because of the purse's gold and black strap. i wouldnt want to take away from it's beauty. xx

    some may feel like im trying too hard but this is honestly, exactly, what i would wear with this bag.

  48. I fanned you on lookbook as well! xx

  49. The bag is so pretty!!!!!! I love your striped cardigan :)

    A big hug for you gorgeous... Keep inspiring the world!!!!

  50. I just read your interview on Lookbook and now utterly enchanted by your blog!
    Gorgeous look, I adore the accessories :)

  51. This has yo be one of my most favorite looks! Love black and red together!

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