Sunday, February 12, 2012


While putting together this look, I felt completely out of character. Belted blazers and plain pumps seem like a BBZV signature to you guys, but to me they actually feel kinda foreign. I'm most 'myself' in a sweeping robe and wide-brimmed hat, which I somehow don't blog about as much as I'd like to. Maybe it's because I think my readers would get bored with the same Halloween-derivative ensemble. Generally when I dress this swanky, it's to appease my mom, who wants me to perpetually look like I'm ready to step out onto Rodeo Drive. Which might also be why she wakes me up sometimes after I've already gone to sleep and forces me to curl my hair so I look presentable by the time it's morning. Sounds inconsiderate, but deep down I really appreciate her efforts to keep me well-coiffed. All that said, I do feel fondly about this look, because it's country club attire without compromising my streak of rock n' roll (as evidenced by my bold 80s wayfarers and leather pants.) There are ways to do conservative without surrendering to khaki slacks.

Veiled hat - Frank Olive, Neiman Marcus
Wayfarers - 80s Purple,
Scarf - Native Heart,
Blazer - Armani
Wrist cuff - Tribe Nouveau,
Pants - True Religion
Pumps - Vera Wang
Bag - Celine

I see you there, sitting at your computer desk, drooling all over your laptop. Grab a napkin and instead of shaking with (understandable) jealousy, buy the inverted cross wrist cuff you spy on my arm and obviously want so badly. It's from an Etsy shop called "Tribe Nouveau," which specializes in all that trendy, Earthy good stuff, like quartz and mineral jewelry, triangle charms, and dreamcatcher necklaces. The price point is between $18 and $60, which for great quality handmade jewelry is a steal. My brass and leather cuff is obviously the best, and you know you think so too. Don't you wanna be all matchy-matchy with me?? We can be, like, internet twinsies.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. you look AMAZING!!!


  2. ahh amazing post! love your bag and blazer-belt combo xxxxxx

  3. LOVE THE OUTFIT and the bracelets are just divine!

    I totally love your log by the way

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    Project Rattlebag


  4. your accessories and bag are love!

  5. I think you look great! :)
    Actually, I've chosen your blog for the February Blog because I really like it!
    [You can see it here: ]

  6. AMAZING outfit as per usual!

  7. Those leather pants look amazing! And the vintage belt also adds a lovely touch to the outfit.

  8. I love the bag! The layered jewellery is a brilliant finishing touch to the outfit xxx

  9. "I see you there, sitting at your computer desk, drooling all over your laptop"
    Oh God, you can see me.
    I would kill for your wardrobe!

    Jenna: The Awkward Indie Girl

  10. u look so sophisticated! very chic

  11. This is such a hot look, especially adore the satchel!

  12. gosh this is ridiculously gorgeous.

  13. I love the mix of classic with a rock edge here, Bebe. And that bag is amazing, duhhh.

  14. This is just high class and chic to the max!!! Just amazing and especially love the second photo down! xx

  15. so chic and sophisticated! that bag is amazing! xx

  16. Gorgeous as per usual! Love your style:)

  17. i really love your style <333333

  18. I was indeed drooling all over my laptop, and everything else within 2 metres of me, over that delicious cross cuff, its divine!

  19. I really want your wayfarers! I was about to purchase them the other time, but I chose something else instead!

  20. HOT! and intriguing x