Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hey haters... I recently collaborated with Karmaloop to create a 70s-inspired look reminiscent of everybody's favorite rockstar roadie, Penny Lane! I wore this outfit to the blogger flea market at Space 15 Twenty this weekend in Los Angeles. The weather treated me well in my shag jacket and despite all the walking I did up and down Sunset Blvd., my feet treated me pretty well, too! A long day of buying and selling in 6-inch platforms is no small "feet." (Remind me to punch myself in the face later today as punishment for my dumb pun.) All my garments (sans jewelry and belt) can be purchased at Karmaloop! Rock on y'all.


Floppy hat - Nixon,

As an admitted hat hoarder, I believe there’s no better accessory than a wide-brim hat to top off a look. This one is a perfect fit for my more free spirited ensembles. It’s just floppy enough to hide behind when I’m feeling mysterious.

Sunglasses - House of Harlow 1960,

No 70′s get-up would be complete without a pair of mustard yellow circle sunnies. These frames by House of Harlow make me feel like a bonafide rockstar groupie.

Bodysuit - Wildfox,

There are two phrases I’m shamelessly obsessed with saying: “flower power” and “passion for fashion.” Okay, maybe I’m a LITTLE ashamed by how cliche and cheesy they are. But seriously, throw those two together and BOOM! You get this cartoonish bodysuit by Wildfox. It also comes in orange, but I chose charcoal because it’s both dark and delicate.

Shag jacket - Free People,

Without a doubt, shag swag is the hottest trend of 2012. I feel like I’m wearing a pink poodle around my shoulders when I leave the house in this cropped jacket by Free People, and of course I mean that in the best way possible. Poodles are sophisticated, quite like my sweater when paired with stilletos and an LBD. Just because it’s hippie chic doesn’t mean it can’t be paired with a modern wardrobe!

Velvet flares - Free People,

Almost Famous called, they want their pants back. What would a 70′s inspired outfit be without bell bottoms? The velvet details give these bad boys some MAJOR flare. Get it? Major “flair?” My apologies – I can’t go five seconds without making a terrible pun. It’s a problem.

Platform boots - Zigi,

It wouldn’t be a disco without dancing, and it wouldn’t be dancing with sky-high kicks for doin’ the Hustle. Cue the 6-inch Zigi platforms. They’re SO large and in charge that they might actually steal all the sparkle from the disco ball. And your dad’s vintage polyester leisure suit. Can you say GROOVY? Yes, yes you can.

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Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. Fantatic! Beautiful! Brear post :)

  2. love this!! awesome outfit love da trouser.

  3. Love the shoes, and the cute jacket ;-)

  4. What a fabulous feature/collaboration. You emulate the 1970's bohemain vibe flawlessly. x

  5. You look amazing in these pictures, I love the flares :) xx

  6. i think i'm in love with these trousers! :)

  7. i love the change of scenery and the outfit is fantastic!


  8. whoa, big love for the trousers!!!!

  9. Velvet paisley bell bottom trousers = Awesome! You're a pro at "era" fashion.

  10. I'm in love with the pants. Seriously!

  11. Great jacket. Amazing pants. Great styling. What a great outfit.

  12. you look like a perfect band-aid!

  13. ohh i love the pattern on ur pants <3

  14. wowooowwww I scrolled down and saw those photos and had a little shock. It's so different from your usual posts! You still look as amazing as ever. All of your outfits are themed, but you never look costumed or absurd. Everything still stays modern.

  15. wow! its amazing!!!!!