Sunday, February 26, 2012


"Remember me?" my tartan skirt asks. He made his last appearance in a preppy schoolgirl look, so I gave him another chance to woo you with his punkier potential. I wore this to class last week, and when I walked in, my professor said "you're all 80s punk today! I hope someone comes in wearing a mod 1960s look to balance it out." I told her that I'd wear a mod outfit next week. And that I take requests. Should I take requests? Yes, I think I should. If you have an idea, tell me here. There's a million and one ways to wear a plaid mini. I've seen Jessi rock a red kilt skirt with every color and shoe combo imaginable. Somehow it always looks good... kinda like plaid skirts have this all-powerful presence where whatever they say goes. Makes me want to get REALLY wild with experimentation... and by 'wild' of course I mean zebra print and leopard.

Beanie - H&M
Sunglasses - 80s Purple,
Leather jacket - Diesel
Rolling stones tee - Secondhand
Cross necklace - THIS IS TRANSITION,
Skirt - YES STYLE,

(P.S. sorry about my scratch/chin bruise/knee abrasion... I fell face-forward on concrete a few days ago while sprinting to the bus stop! Not pretty.)

I hope you guys are ready to get high on pictures of my AMERICAN FLAG PLATFORMS. Can't you imagine my face when I found these on Natural Colour???? No? Is that because I never make expressions besides 'bored' 'aloof' 'vaguely angry' and 'detached' while photographing mysef?? Except for THAT ONE TIME. Just try to imagine someone seeing what they consider to be actually THE best flat shoes in their closet for the first time ever. I feel bad for my plain black creepers because they're obsolete now that I have lace-ups with flag print. Sorry, bad boys... y'all got put out of a job with no severance package. Step up your game! You can buy these babies HERE.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. Those shoes are pretty awesome

  2. I really love your Style

  3. how do you look just so amazingly good?! i wish i had your wardrobe! i truly do! love it to bits!

  4. ahaha love how your style is so unique!
    i'm a particular fan of the jewellery especially xxx

  5. YOU HAVE THE BEST JEWELLERY COLLECTION EVER. Caps were needed to express my jealousy x

  6. I am officially on the look-out for a plaid skirt now - and statement shoes!
    Love this alternative view of your room too! Gorgeous!

  7. the entire look and those shoes *jaw drops*

  8. those are some sweet shoes! goes great with the layered jewelry!

  9. DANG I sincerely admire you for rocking this at school. I hate how self-conscious I get when I wanna wear something really nice but I know a lot of people will look at me =/

  10. Cool sunglasses! I really want to get them lol

  11. Love the jewelry. Great styling. Great outfit.

  12. love this outfit! so cool!

    Hayley xx