Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Anybody who follows me on Formspring or hangs out with me in real life knows that I am Madeline Pendleton's biggest fan. In fact, I'm typing this blog post out while wearing two foam "number one" hands, punching out every word in every sentence letter by letter. Tedious, but demonstrating diehard appreciation of my all-time favorite blogger and shop owner is at the top of my priorities (further down on the list: eating, sleeping, personal hygiene, anything that interferes with my freakish obsession and routine worship of Miss Madeline Perfect Pendleton [[saying all of this to humor whichever anonymous Formspringer asked her this question a few days ago.]]) 

Okay. For serious. Beyond crafting incredible outfits and blog posts, Madeline (and partner in crime Brit of Disarming Darling) channels her style savvy through selecting vintage pieces from thrift stores all over California and beyond to resell on her site TUNNEL VISION. She asked me to choose a garment from the shop to model for my blog, by way of illustrating the unbelievable stock her store offers. I naturally chose the most beautiful turquoise jacket I ever laid my eyes on. Cropped, quilted, and decorated with vivid patchwork in fuchsia, indigo, gold, and mustard, this vintage wonder is a work of art. I wore it in typical TV style -- with a turban, bindi, and Oscar De La Renta medallions.

Turban - Vintage
Body jewels - Party City
Gold top - Secondhand, Cache
Necklaces - Oscar De La Renta, Jewelmint
Belt -Vintage
Circle skirt - c/o LULU*S
Mustard socks - H&M
Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell

Tunnel Vision is kind enough to offer my blog readers the opportunity to win a $50 gift card to use on their site! Here's how to enter:

1) Leave your email in a blog comment below.
2) Follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin'
3) LIKE Tunnel Vision on Facebook -- you'll get discount codes on the first Friday of every month when they add new stock, and again on the third Friday of every month when they add items to the sale section!
4) Tell me about your signature summer look!

The giveaway is open for 10 days, so we'll contact the winner on May 4th. Good luck and HAPPY SHOPPIN'! 

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. stefanija.vidzus@inbox.lv

    Followed and liked.

    Signature summer look for me is jean shorts, pretty shoes, large sunglasses, edgy T-Shirt.. something like that. It`s the basic look for a very hot day. :)

    P.S. This look is the best one ever made! The jacket is to diee foor! LOVE IT!

  2. Gorgeous! Love all the colors in your outfit :)


  3. I love this! The colours are so cool together, even though they probably shouldnt be...


  4. Both Tunnel Vision and Madeline (and you, of course) are AMAZING! I love how you matched up all of the different colours in the jacket with other parts of your outfit.

    Already liked and followed everything listed :) email is: gurugirl101[at]gmail[dot]com

  5. Oh gosh, thanks for introducing me to a new obsession. Their store is so perfect!

    I follow you on Bloglovin, and Twitter (@daniellevillano). I like their FB page as Danielle Villano.

    My signature summer look? I love drawing inspiration from French New Wave actresses (Jean Seberg, Anna Karina). I love the look of stripes and cigarette pants. I also totally love rocking short hair in the summer!

    Thanks so much!


  6. i don't have bloglovin and i can't seem to be able to create an account :/ it says my email address is already used.... which is strange :/


  7. Gorgeous colours!
    I love your make up!


  8. You look amazing as always and I love the confidence in the colors portrayed here.

    Wonderful giveaway and I have done all the above me dear :)

    I would say my key summer outfit would consist of anything tie-dye. I'm also into all the peace signs, Ying Yang fashion that is around currently so I would wear a lot based on those themes.

  9. Ohhhh! <3 I would love to stole every piece of your wardrobe just to have all those beautiful clothes but I might not look as perfect as you do. :) Everytime I visit your blog I just can't stop looking at your eyes, they are amazing. The makeup makes them sooo big! You are simpy the best. <3 Greetings from PL.

  10. Fuuuuuck I am loving these colours. I am seriously feeling neon for spring/summer this year, and your outfit is nearly fluorescent, damn! And then the neutral sandy tones included? Awesome.

    Omg TV giveaway? COME TO ME BRO. Following you and TV on the required platforms!

    Signature summer look: vintage muscle tee, high-waisted shorty cut-off shorts (bleached if possible), bangin' military boots, tons of dangly, jingly Eastern-Asian jewelry, beanie or head scarf, giant sunglasses. Poncho/kimono optional.

    ontheganges at live dot com!

  11. ellllimari@gmail.com

    i have a great quote describing my signature look. it's actually a comment i found under some coachella street style picture: "i love how looking like shit is a trend these days." and i do.
    i really like that IDGAF 90s kiddo look. ugly thrifted clothes are edgy, especially when you add shitloads of cool jewelery.
    to be more specific, i'll probably be wandering the streets wearing a brown leather/suede backpack, vintage sunnies stolen from my drama class teacher + a huge turquoise necklace and lots of rings, high waisted jean shorts, some vintage granny blouse cropped to satisfy my need of showing some skin and a light fisherman(nish) parka during the evenings. oh and i'd go barefoot cause i live close to the beach and footwear is overrated.

  12. I'm in love with your jacket!


  13. Wow, just wow - this outfit - it's mega!

    Kate x

  14. This jacket is the closest thing to perfection I've ever seen, oh my! And the bindi really gives it a certain je ne sais quoi. It's the perfect finishing touch!

    As for my signature summer look; it changes each year! This year I've fallen head over heels with the pastel and metallic trends. However, my heart will always belong with grungy 90s-esque attire. Tie dye is rapidly becoming my latest addiction, so that'll probably feature heavily in my summer wardrobe; not forgetting the usual distressed dyed shorts and one of my many hats.


  15. Amazing jacket!


    Followed and liked

    My signature summer look will look like this: Sloucky sun hat, round sunglasses, thrifted dyed shorts, white thrifted chrochet tank top, home sewn tie dye stud bralet and a studded levi's jacket ! the purrrrfect look for a "hot" summer day in sweden:D

  16. All these colors look great on you :)

  17. omg you crazy. this is so amazing. love it.

  18. obvi all I had to do was like tunnel vision...you're infinite bb


  19. i couldn't agree with you more, madeline and brit are some of the coolest and most inspirational bloggers out there...and their store is just perfect and full of amazingness! great jacket and the entire look overall is beyond awesome as usual ;)


  20. my signiature summer look is some skanky ripped up studded shorts with a random top and a shit ton of jewellery, perhaps with a vintage kimono or something over the top, if only i had some jeffrey campbells to complete the look!


    1. Firstly the piece you are supporting is phenomenal, and i enjoyed the way u promoted it.
      I haven't figured out what my summer signature style will be as i tend to frolic with what i always do. i love wearing high waist shorts in the summer and i will probably make my own as i tend to do that as well.i've been working out because i want to be more comfortble with showing my stomach and getting rid og my baby fat from 5 yrs ago is the intent.( sorry for the gross mental picture.) this summer i will however be sporting more hats, and have a love for turbans as well.. so my signature look will probably be high waist shorts with a array of hats and and an array of stomach showing tops all hand made by myself.

  21. thanks for the giveaway! i LOVE their store

    my summer look is high waisted cut-offs, thrifted sheer/giant tank tops, flatforms, and a bunch of jewelry!

    chippednails777 [a] gmail.com

  22. Can you read my palm??? lol How many pretty pictures of your face can you post?

  23. Wooo love this and tunnel vision of course!
    My summer look involves a lot of fringe, unif ripped tees, some slashed up shorts, kimonos, and turquoise jewelry. I'm not a sandals person so I'll forever be dawned in a pair of 90's platforms/heels/boots to go with that combination. I bought a pair of huge stripper heels a couple months ago and I'm planning on putting my little pony or cat stickers on them so I'm sure they'll also be a large part of my summer wardrobe. Oh and you can't forget the inevitable round sunnies.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. This summer I will either be wearing a pair of shredded cut offs or my Swedish clog sandals

    lotus2434 at gmail.com

  25. Following on both twitter and bloglovin', and I liked Tunnel Vision on facebook!
    My e-mail is d.n.angelita@gmail.com and this summer I hope to be wearing lots of maxi dresses, and since I'm short, lots of strappy summer heels! :)

  26. maddiejay.wainscott@gmail.com

    I absolutely love Madeline (I also share her name, hah) and Tunnel Vision! Great choice!

    My signature summer look is DIY cut offs, boots, oversized tank tops or crop tops, and tons of jewels.


  27. following on twitter and bloglovin. liked on tunnel vision as Julianne Q
    my email is spectralcountry [at] gmail [dot] com
    my signature summer look is high waisted shorts


  28. I want your jewelry! :)

  29. You look like a doll!I love this outfit!


  30. Wow, that jacket. Stunning.
    xx PC

  31. Beautiful combination! I love your makeup!! You look like a china doll :)
    Colours are..' wow!'
    izzy xoxoox


  32. You look like a Bollywood princess! Which I really dig!
    And I absolutely adore Tunnel Vision!

    As for my signature summer look, that definitely varies. Typically I wear boyfriend jeans with the cuffs rolled up, a pair of Classic 8 eye Doc Martens, a UNIF muscle tee and my black Danier leather jacket. If I'm feeling particularly girly, I go for a printed or flowy maxi skirt, a crop top, a statement necklace, paired with black boots or my Jeffreys, a denim jacket, and let's not forget, my absolute favourite wide-brim bowler. Works with every outfit!



  33. this is so COLOURFUL! I love it, especially the combination of the jacket and the jewellery.
    The jacket could have been on an 80s sitcom worn with harem pants and white nike air..

    My signature summer look will (hopefully) be the incarnation of Robin Wright's role in "Forrest Gump" when she comes back to Forrest after taking alot of drugs and getting infected with hiv - so basically white, cream and pastel colors, light maxidresses combined with knitted jumpers and tennis shoes and long nightgowns.


  34. Followed, and loved!


    My signature summer look is a snapback cap, t-shirt or tank top that’s a size too big plus scuffed up but trusted sneakers. Like when you grew up as a tomboy and rode bikes to the arcade or the movies. Sometimes you’d meet up with Matt at the playground and sit on his skateboard while you both sipped on Slurpees. BUT, this time, you have heavy jewellery embellishing your day out in the park. Big chunky bracelets and a vintage tribal choker made out of coins from Afghanistan. A couple of rings piled onto one another. Nails painted in a wild colour. Big, wild curly hair, separated in low pigtails, beneath a Supreme snapback cap. Orange, red or plum lips. And you’re still sipping on a slurpee thinking back to that time you hung with Matt.

    1. Also, bloomin' love that jacket. Ran away with the fairies a little bit as I was explaining my summer look...
      Erika xx

  35. Following on twitter and bloglovin (poorchanticleer) and liked tunnel vision (Marissa Pomarico-Maxson). The jacket looks amazing! I'm hoping my signature summer look will include some tunnel vision scores from their restock next week! Thanks for the giveaway it's a good one!


  36. Cubtrina@gmail.com; @meineptum, <3 on bloglovin; summer look is maxi print dresses still.

  37. lacrosseaddict07@yahoo.com

    Already a fan of tunnel vision on facebook & just liked your blog on bloglovin' & I'm following you on twitter :)

    My summer signature look=Hanes t-shirts + a hefty amount of accessories, overalls, boots, fringe, velvet. Chain headpieces, arm cuffs..I can go on and on. Southwestern prints, ebay stalking for more goodies as well. Summer is a perfect time to experiment and mix everything up before you're constricted with the cold(in my area at least)

    I've also become obsessed with bleach dying & tie dying things too.

    Good luck everyone!

  38. I am super excited about this giveaway! I followed all the steps above, and my email is jgstylekitty@gmail.com.

    This summer I will definitely be living in my new One Teaspoon Original Dukes Denim Cut-Offs, lots and lots of vintage tees, and funky embellished sandals or leather boots. I'll accessorize with bits and pieces of vintage jewelry mixed with my favorite Liquid Metal Jewelry bracelets. I can't wait to hit up flea markets all over the Bay Area during the summer to grab more inspiration and fun stuff.

    Thanks Madeline and Bebe for hosting this! I love you both and appreciate this so much! <33

  39. jchaber@uvm.edu

    When its summertime and I'm in the mood
    I particularly enjoy
    to hang in the nude
    My summer look
    is my birthday suit
    I wear it all fuckin day
    and it's pretty damn cute ;)

  40. I love this look!


  41. Following on bloglovin', and I liked Tunnel Vision on facebook!unfortunately i don't have a twitter account..i hope is not a problem
    fb: flower bomb
    My e-mail:punkettina85@hotmail.it
    this summer I hope to be wearing lots of maxi dresses!!

  42. my signature summer look is gonna be ripped shorts, tie dye tee, shredded sweater, scrunchy socks and boots! easy breezy!

    love this jacket!


  43. signature summer look would mos def have to be wearing this black vintage gold beaded vest i got at Shareen's Vintage that comes right up to the end of my chest and some high waisted dark blue jean shorts, allowing for some belly skin to tannn in that sunnnn while blinding onlookers with dem reflective beads. :)


  44. Wonderful outfit! It reminds me of a carniaval, it's so cheerful!
    Your outfits always make me smile. :-)

    My signature summer outfit consists of a pair of worn-in motorcycle boots, pink high-waisted shorts, an oversized floral sweater, a rose flower headband, and my heart sunglasses.

    I followed you on Bloglovin' and Twitter. And I have liked Tunnel Vision on facebook.

    Best wishes,
    Melinda ♥


  45. Love the multi color outfit! The entire do reminds me of Indian clothing (vibrant colors). My signature summer look would be high waisted black shorts, different color tank tops, a lightweight cardigan, flower in the hair, long silver necklaces (from f21), rings of all colors, hair tied up or in a braid, with either toms or my black h&m boots. It's very simple yet pretty!


  46. That is one of the most beautiful jackets ive ever seen!
    My email is jennyroope@live.co.uk and my signature summer outfit will consist of hawaiian shirts tucked into levi cut offs and srappy tribal sandles! I get so hot in summer that i need my outfit kept simple and sweat free! Eww I know! haha

    I have followed you on bloglovin' and twitter and liked Tunnel Vision on facebook :)

  47. thanks for the giveaway! =)
    following twitter @twlyou
    liked tunnel vision as cassio tam
    my signature summer outfit is colorful prints!
    twilight_aple at yahoo dot com

  48. Tunnel Vision has recently become an obsession of mine! Their jewellery is amazing!!!
    I've liked TV on facebook,followed on twitter (@thepaintedwing) and of course I'm following on Bloglovin' :) I think this summer i'll be going for a Thelma and Louise vibe; plenty of denim,t-shirts and front knot shirts :) My email: clarissi93@hotmail.co.uk

  49. My favorite of all the clothes that you have worn on the internets. Well done m'lady.

  50. Also I find myself hoping that you're not snobby, for if we were to ever meet I would probably attack you with admiration

  51. this is so amazing. And all outfit are looking hot and gorgeous. Signature Accessory - Know Your Jewellery
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