Saturday, August 25, 2012


I wore this bohemian ensemble on my last day at the MAGIC tradeshow here in Vegas! Definitely wanted to go out with the bang, so the quilted turquoise jacket from online vintage mecca Tunnel Vision was an obvious choice. Couldn't walk two feet without a stranger noting its fine construction and vivid color scheme! Not every day you see a jacket as well-made as this one. Though its cropped and padded silhouette is traditionally 80s, I worked it into a free-spirited theme. Beautifully accentuated the turquoise stones in my headpiece!


Headchain - Funny People Co
Sunglasses - Cobrashop
Quilted jacket - Tunnel Vision
Crop top - Forever 21
Medallion necklace - Oscar De La Renta
Mint skirt - YES STYLE
Boots - Pink & Pepper

The chain around my hair comes from an incredible Etsy shop called Funny People Co. They specialize in all that handmade, bohemian good stuff: slave bracelets, turbans, headpieces and draping necklaces in brush gold and bronze. Check 'em out if you're in need (or better: in want) of some staple summer jewelry to compliment your hippie streak. My boots are from Pink & Pepper and, despite the heel, were PERFECT walking shoes for a busy day at the Convention Center. I actually got to meet the Pink & Pepper team at FN Platform, the shoe show at MAGIC. It was surreal -- their booth was stocked with boots, sandals, heels, and flats of every shape and texture conceivable (that's a LOT of shapes and textures if your imagination is as overactive as mine!) We went wild snappin' iPhone photos in what looked like a MASSIVE Carrie-Bradshaw-status closet, but with the spunk and sass of a teenage girl. It's always a blast meeting the brains behind a brand you're passionate about! I'll show you some pics of our MAGIC meetup as soon as they're posted. In the meantime, check out my boots on Bonton here!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. you look so cute, totally in love with your outfit!


  2. The boots make the outfit, you look really tall.

    / Avy

  3. wow, that jacket is very beautiful in a special way. Love the way you combined it with bohemian stuff :)

  4. Lovely jacket and... you!
    Bisous, bisous
    Little Anaelle

  5. Amazing jacket,I remember seeing it in one of your outfits before.You can t go wrong with it ;)

  6. Perfect outfit, love the different colours!

  7. What a bizarre jacket! I've always love quilted things <3


  8. Such a great outfit! I love the headband thing.

  9. Awesome! <3

  10. love the way you styled that jacket. because with the 80s.. well, that could have been a disaster. but i love how you gave it a boho spin. well done bebe.

  11. I just love the colors in this outf!


  12. omg :o obsessed with this ensemble! Love love love :)

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  14. I just don't see what you and everyone else does in that jacket... so 80s grandma but not in the good way.

  15. Bebe, I'm sort of a fan. I think you're a fantastic model. The third photo is very natural. The boots are a stunning choice.

    You're an artist. You have something to say. It's not reaching me enough. I'm not coming from any place of wisdom, but I think the modeling and the blogs are not enough. You've got to get on film again, and it's got to reach a bigger venue than Soho House. Look for something traditional.

    Rooting for you,


  16. I love the color in this outfit! You look amazing as usual! :D

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    You have to visit Bloggers Against Social Injustice too!

    See you there! :D
    backtofive's twitter

    xoxo backtofive

  17. love your style very unique and individual!

  18. Fantastic, I absolutely adore the quilted jacket and teal colour scheme.

  19. This outfit is beyond rad! Between the color palette and the proportions its totally everything I'm feeling for Fall...crazy inspiring!

  20. This shit is too good to be true — highly accessorized ensemble with bright beachy colors and the title "TEAL MY SUNSHINE"?!?!?!?!?! Have had "Steal My Sunshine" on repeat for one month straight NO JOKE!!!

    + yellow sports bras will always remind me of Rachel from S Club 7 :-)

  21. Hah! I loooooove this. My friend sean would hate it, though, considering he's colorblind and doesnt think teal is a color. He thinks its just a mean joke people play on colorblind people. hahaha!

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