Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Whaaaat, a red beret in a totally American en-sem-blé???? Oui! Oui! A red beret is more flirtatious and (ugh, chastise me later for this terribly heteronormative descriptor) feminine than a red beanie, which was my second choice. I'm glad I went with my instincts. You might think my felt hat stereotypically French and subsequently out of place next to those "patriotic" stars and stripes - but that's where you're WRONG WRONG WRONG. Ever thought to google image "French flag"? Or maybe you're a geography genius and you already have flags of the world memorized (get a new past time, buddy!) If the latter is the case, you already know where I'm going with this. The French national colors are ALSO red, white, and blue so, HA, my red beret is TRÉS appropriate. Pinkies in the air, people!


Wayfarers - Foster Grant
Turtleneck - American Apparel
Hidden Wedge sneakers - Jeffrey Campbell c/o Solestruck

"WHERE'D YA GET THAT SKIRT, GURL," passersby inquire as my butt (beautifully accentuated by the star-print panels on either side of this sassy bodycon) swings to-and-fro about town. You might find it TMI, but information is what ya signed up for when you typed my blog URL into your browser so I'll PROUDLY let it be known that my derrière grew a full THREE INCHES since the last time I measured it. Naturally, discovering my that my bum's circumference has noticeably grown was a rewarding moment, especially for a girl whose dream it is to master the twerk. So, in the most awkward way possible, I extend my sincerest THANK YOU'S to Vivid Blueprint for hooking me up with such a beauty for my booty. Hope you guys don't mind my unabashed butt bragging!!!!

My buddy Ty from Solestruck gifted me these hidden wedge Jeffrey Campbell Gios a few months ago and after an unnecessarily long time of me hiding them in my closet - except for that time I wore them to a Calvin Harris cast reunion video shoot - I am debuting them ~officially~ on FTBH. So take a long, drool-inducing gander. I know some people talk smack about the hidden wedge sneaker, but that's probably because they're already tall and don't need the height as badly as a pipsqueak like moi. I LOVE THESE SNEAKERS. NEVER TALK POOP ABOUT SNEAKERS IN MY PRESENCE. SNEAKER LOVER UNTIL I DIE. YA. Thank you Solestruck for always keeping me and my size 6 feet in mind!!!!

Alright! Done ranting! Finally I can CLOSE DA LAPTOP and dive into this steaming plate of vegan chicken nuggets taunting me with their wafting breaded aroma in front of my face. Say yr last words, nugs. P.S. I'm still French. BON APETITE, SELF.

Everything (butts) is (have) infinite (potential to increase in size if you eat enough and do squats),

Bebe Zeva


  1. I LOVE the skirt!!

  2. wow , wow , wow!! You look effing amazing xx

  3. Very cute loving the socks and wedges ccombo

  4. the skirt is awesome! you look amazing!

  5. nice photos !
    love the shirt

  6. Love red lips on you!

  7. Great!

  8. Bebe, Bebe, Bebe. Stop what you're doing. "Ensemblé" does not even come close to being a word in French. It's pronounced almost exactly the same as we say it in English. Usually I just try to shut up, but you sound like an idiot, and I'm embarrassed for you.

    1. I agree, "emsemblé" means nothing in french (I am from Paris), you can say "tenue" or "ensemble" without the accent :)

      But Anonymous, don't be mean, french is hard to write and even french do a lot of spelling mistakes!

      Great outfit Bebe :)!

  9. Well hello Miss America, you look amazing and love this look darling! Keep styling like you're styling ♥

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  10. Totally getting a Marina & the Diamonds vibe from this outfit.

  11. people in USA don't know flags of other countries? :D

  12. that`s a cool skirt :)

  13. this is too good, can't stop looking.

  14. aha i love you write! i tune in mostly for your outfits but i love what you have to say! x

  15. nice outfit!

  16. Love the outfit! And love your wedge sneakers even more!

    Style Infatuation

  17. Her look was perfect, loved.. And you so beautiful.
    I Loved your blog, following ..
    It would be a dream come follow me back, I will soon have pictures of different looks and styles inspired by how you creates

    xx, GRANDE CORAGEM blog

  18. You look great. Don't mind that other anonymous comment. That person is insecure and sad. I'm embarrassed for them.

    Keep on doing you!

  19. fuck those sneaks are my dream come true..hidden wedges you say!!!

  20. I found a lot of inspirations on your blog. thanks! <3 If u want come chceck out my DIY blog at

  21. This skirt is gorgeous!! Love your sense of style ;)

    xo Iga

  22. love this outfit!

    Hayley xx

  23. great outfit :) I actually don't like wedge sneakers, but I must admit that they look cute on you.

  24. I think it's sweet that you questioned yourself for using the adjective feminine. Do you seriously get shit for that kind of stuff?? Most male-bodied or male-identified people wouldn't wear a red beret. That's just facts. You didn't describe the hat as feminine because it's weak or useless or not as good as a belt or anything. Don't be so hard on yourself! ;)

    Just discovered your blog, just moved to Las Vegas from Oakland, so far I'm a fan.


  25. The whole outfit works soo well together, love it :)


  26. Great outfit. Love your hair too! I think I need to get myself some hidden wedge sneakers, I could do with the extra height lol. Great blog, always fun to read =) x

  27. love you skirt <3
    xo, Ana Rita