Tuesday, March 19, 2013


One of the coolest things I learned in elementary school art class is that purple signifies royalty. I'm not wearing a crown (although I'd argue that this spiked snapback is like a swagged out princess version of a tiara) but there's something nonetheless... commanding about my look today. I guess that lush indigo hue has me on my high horse. Paired with a galaxy print bomber jacket and straight up chrome disco pants, I've got an insanely future space vibe going and I doubt I'll ever be able to top it. NOT. I've got many a trick up these galaxy print sleeves. Expect no less from a bitch whose kingdom doesn't even reign from this passe solar system.


Snapback - YES STYLE
Galaxy print jacket - ROMWE
Cage collar - ROMWE
Royal tank - Forever 21
Chrome pants - BOOHOO
"Space Wedge sneakers" - DAILY LOOK
Backpack - YES STYLE

I've owned this Romwe cage collar for a solid six months and it STILL gives me butterflies when I put it on. Something about a crisp, black and white harness with symmetrical straps really does it to me... maybe I'm just in love with the fact that it serves no purpose at all. I debuted it for the first time over a black and white geometric print top at Skrillex's birthday party a couple months ago (lol, first FTBH name drop? I hope someone's counting). And I paired it with a leatherette bodice shift dress last week. Safe to say the cage collar is my 2013 secret weapon.

I know galaxy print is played out to the max and I think that's why I've been so into it lately. It's become too easy to hate on... an inside joke among the fast fashion lot. Mocking the print is a clever way for trend biters to poke fun at fads they bought into last season and in doing so exact a distance between their current style and the trends they abandoned out of commercial necessity. But making fun of galaxy print doesn't make you better than galaxy print. Chances are, you're wearing another print right now that's just as trendy, but not yet "over." Give me your space duds. I shall do them cosmic justice my friend.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. Those pants are sick and I do love how people distance themselves from trends they used to follow or even how they used to be when they first started blogging.


  2. you're one galatic girl

  3. You always seem to amaze me
    Love the look
    Especially the disco pants
    S xx

  4. Those pants!! Amazing outfit.

    Megan xxx

  5. Amazing outfit doll!*
    WoW, love it!*



  6. Amazing outfit! You look hot as usual

    I freaking want your cap <3

    UK High Street Fashion

  7. Amazing outfit, love the tee !


  8. I don't think I'll ever hate galaxy print. Gosh, your outfit is so old school yet so wonderfully futuristic it's ridiculously amazing! Keep rockin' it gurrrrl.

  9. Damn! You can wear the most ridiculous colored pieces and make it look so chic.

    Style Infatuation

  10. i love the whole outfit. this is perfection


  11. I like you posted some horizontal pictures too. It adds variety (: Neat outfit though!