Sunday, April 21, 2013


All I need in this world is a snapback and free wi-fi. Been spending most of my days at home but every once in a while there's opportunity for adventure... that's when I break out the camo crop top and fill my backpack with cameras and a phone charger. I live in such an insane city. Would be a waste to keep to myself instead of marinating in the estranged neon aura, melodic casino rhythm and almost supernatural fluorescence...


Studded cap - ROMWE
Studded jacket - BOOHOO
Camo crop top - O-Mighty
Leopard shorts - Choies
UNIF Hellbounds - Solestruck
Backpack - Yes Style

Light clothes, big shoes. That's my summer game. The badass top and equally badass happy face pin are from O-Mighty, vintage and wholesale fashion extraordinaires. You need to check out their site if you like rad shit, which invariably ALL of you do, otherwise why are you even here on this blogspot where all I talk and care about is rad shit?? Yeah. And follow them on Instagram: omweekend ^-^

My leopard shorts are from Choies, an online retailer I've featured here on FTBH before (remember BORN IN THE USA?) Like O-Mighty, they stock such insanely dope product that I couldn't resist but to make a collage out of other must-haves from the site... too good. Hope you lurve. <3

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. i always love your outfits, your style is perfection. This look is great :)

  2. This outfit is unreal, love all the patterns mixed together! Looking HOTTTT! xx

  3. You're so gorgeous! Love this outfit xxx

  4. omg i love those shorts so much! The outfit is cool :)

    Hayley xx

  5. I really like your hat. Looks very good on you.

  6. Very Nice outfit !


  7. I so love this look on you! The blue jacket and shorts are amaze!!!

    Hope your weekend has been good! xx Pip

  8. What great! All right?? Long ago I did not go to visit you! Keep it up.

    PS: I created new blog!

    Baro Lucas.

  9. You do colour coo-ordination so so well, absolutely LOVEEEE that jacket - beautiful girl!

  10. AMAZING!!

    Alice xx

  11. hey bebe,

    i came home from college a little over a month ago in a bit of a fit because i'm not at a point in my life where school is right for me, and i've fallen into a sort of funk. my blog, which i've updated maybe about six to twelve times a month, is currently at a pausing point, as i haven't been feeling very inspired or good about myself, and i am trying to muster up the interest and courage to make new entries. i haven't slowed down that much in dressing myself.. i suppose i don't have as much to say as i'd like? and i've just been generally lazy?.. hate saying that, ergh.
    anyway, i so admire your abilities and your commitment in making new, catchy blog entries so often. your blog has been one of my top-visited sites when i open firefox on my mac.. it's been up there for at least a year now. i love reading your writing and i don't necessarily always love your outfits, but i often do, and if not i at least take away a different perspective.
    i know this sounds like some crazy serious love letter or something. and i'm pretty sure i've tried to say something to you before! but i wanted to try again.

    much love!

  12. LOVE this look
    So many items i want for choies!
    S xx

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