Wednesday, March 19, 2014


We loooove transhumanism this year, don't we? Something about the possibility of merging our carnal selves with technology gets us legit hot and bothered. And we actually anticipate the invention of sensory assistance implants without ever questioning the practica consequences of having that much power, unregulated by nature. I sense that the consensus is instead "we need something robotic around us now and at all times." Tech is so much more trustworthy than our brains, right? Our minds are too cluttered with moral noise and cultural pollution to organize efficiently -- so reign in the Google Glass! 

It's so clever how we invented a problem just so that we could charge people for a material solution. Tech companies exploit the damages their own products impose on our cognition and stability by generating new ones to alleviate the original unnecessary suffering. This trend in techno-fetishism is essentially a Ponzi scheme of consumerism to medicate any inevitable consequences without drawing from the free healing power of community - or any "real" source of meaning at all.

So is the extent of my paradigm's outdatedness directly or inversely proportional to the extent of my outfit's outdatedness, with each clothing season representing one century?

PVC vinyl jacket c/o Some Velvet Vintage, Blackmilk circuit board swimsuit, Motel Becka bodycon skirt, Boohoo heels

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. you look amazing!

  2. Great dress and colors! Do I get plus points when I say I don't have a TV haha?



  3. Love the mix of the bodysuit and this amazing skirt <3

  4. You are truly a unique person! I love that you have your own style, you're totally original, and your blog is one of the few that I actually read instead of just looking at the pictures, haha

  5. Great blog and style, dear! Do you want to follow each other? Just let me know! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post :)

    -Mademoiselle S.

  6. Love the outfit! Very awesome!

    x Dawn

  7. Your style is just amazing !
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