Friday, April 4, 2014


I suspect that me wearing this mesh gradient top (c/o Tunnel Vision -- who else is as skilled at curating vintage but Madeline and her team?) borderlines cultural appropriation... but then a part of me cringes at the insinuation that a fractal pattern is uniquely a sacred social signifier and not a shared mathematical property that white people, save for ironic paisley bandannas, have yet to insult with their vulgar tendency to conflate with unrelated tropes in cop-out postmodern theatrics.

*camera pans to reveal the lower half of my outfit* Considering my historically accurate entitlement to pair the shirt's almost objectively religious print with the irreverence of paint-splattered sweatpants (in this context playing the starring role of 1980s art-is-dead revival bravado), I am everything that I hate and criticize in this world.

But! But! But no -- no buts. No rationalizing. I am an accurate portrait of fashion's reckless spiral into disrespect for Aura. Let's face it, the tremendous obligation to honor something special interferes with corporate culture's trajectory towards cashing in on Everything Ever. 

Surely someone will appreciate me... the pretentious dixie cup genie of blogspot.

Holes eyewear, Tunnel Vision vintage mesh gradient fractal top, Yes Style splatter paint harem pants, Missguided heels 

Everything is blah blah whatever,



  1. Love that top!

  2. The top and the glasses are so.. colorful. I'm at loss for words.


  3. Great outfit! So colorful!

    x Dawn