Thursday, April 10, 2014

art grunge

Andy Warhol really sucks. He equipped the corporate world with a cultural middle ground that ought to remain neither practical nor rhetorical -- art. His departure from the conservative standards that ensure difference between advertisement and poetry unleashed a noisy, maximum opacity fog that occluded any cultural expectation of distinction. Just like people demand a separation between church and state because they do not want biased ideologies imposed on them, people ought to demand a separation between art and advertisement. The spiritual rites that religions represent do not deserve to be used for political gain. It is abusive and unsacred. Warhol nonetheless felt entitled to live without rules -- he was clever but immoral. And he knew this.

I'm wearing a pop art inspired top from Oasap because pop art is already a commodity.
I'm wearing denim because I'm on your side.
I'm wearing "boyfriend jeans" and a "masculine blazer" with heels and lipstick because I'm "not afraid to expand what it means to be a female."

I'm just like you -- different.

Rings and Tings necklace, 6ks "Geometric Rhombus Print" blazer, Oasap soup cans sweatshirt, Yes Style jeans, Pink & Pepper heels

Everything is infinite,


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  1. Clever but immoral! Definitely. Love this look though so striking!!

  2. Favourite outfit of yours ever? Probs. Ya' gorgeous.

    Lela -

  3. Love those jeans!

  4. You look amazing and your hair looks so great! Love the bangs and color!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  5. keep being awesome

  6. This is amazing. Those jeans thou <3

  7. Love the blazer and pants! :D

    Ericka of

  8. wow love your jacket and tee! amazing combination

  9. you look great with your new hairstyle, x

  10. And you are also a clever, young lady! Look at that outfit, how can I not love it?
    As sweet, beautiful and stylish as you've always been!


  11. I now see Andy Warhol from a different perspective.

    Getting rid of this. >