Monday, April 7, 2014

bahama mama

Another day, another delicious tropical gradient color combo. I remember when I found this Hibiscus print blazer at a Goodwill in North Hollywood. I was at the peak of my "polynesian fetishism" phase and could imagine a hundred million ways to wear this jacket, which I was especially committed to debuting at a club. Since "shaka" (recontextualized and whitewashed to suit my 2012 Hawaiian tourist fancy) is no longer a word in my vocabulary, the jacket is likewise no longer a symbol of my trendiness (or entitlement). In my mind it's returned to its culturally-neutral state of impartial structure... but surely ten seasons from now it will represent something totally different. For now, let's just innocently enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of turquoise, orange, and yellow.

Secondhand cap, Holes eyewear, vintage jacket, Motel Rocks crop top, Romwe bubble leggings

Everything is infinite,



  1. What a fun shoot, lovin the shades. Hope you have a fab week!

    xo, Jenessa

  2. Great outfit! Great colors!

    x Dawn