Sunday, April 6, 2014


Soooooo who else is watching Cosmos with NDGT on the science channel this season? My natural elitist inclination is to inform you that I've been a fan of both Neil and the 1970s original series since before the internet made it "a thing." I remember wearing my favorite Carl Sagan t-shirt on the first day of 10th grade -- under one of his most famous portraits (crossing his arms in a maroon turtleneck and standing in front of a turquoise galaxy) were the words "LEGENDS NEVER DIE" in big block letters. I wonder if Carl would have been disappointed in me for accessorizing his face to make friends. Anyway, my only criticism of the new series is that its presentation of what should be challenging material seems pretty "lowest common denominator." What can't be fairly described to a scientifically illiterate audience shouldn't really be 'described' at all... it should instead be presented as poetry since an aesthetic understanding is all the audience will ultimately derive. I think Carl was great at this, allowing the phenomena of science to be humbly aesthetic when purveyed by a "civilian". The new series seems a little more pretentious, but I think that has more to do with the special effects than with Neil. I used to watch his astronomy lectures on DVD as a teen and am obsessed with his sense of humor... I wish more of his unrehearsed personality showed through. Hopefully as the season progresses, the presentation of heady concepts will become more humorous and lighthearted.

Oh yeah, I SOBBED at the end of the debut episode when NDGT recounted meeting Carl for the first time as a seventeen year old. Stories about passing the torch down always get me.

Zero UV sunglasses, Romwe galaxy jacket and leggings, Missguided bra top and heels

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  1. WOW <3

  2. Love this look it's definitely channeling something cosmic
    I remember I had to watch Carl Sagan's show in school for physics, it was some really awesome stuff

  3. you look great!!! :D