Tuesday, April 1, 2014

leatherette cubed

Living out of a suitcase for four months in LA taught me a lesson about how to efficiently combine pieces of my finite clothing supply so I'd appear less resource-deprived and (hopefully) more creative. We know this frantic desperation to mix and match is rooted in fear of seeming 'poor' - and what else, we know that the premise of the current Fashion Game is contaminated with prejudice towards the 'uncreative' working class, from whom the fashion set is perennially devoted to differentiating themselves. 

We've developed ways to reconcile our poverty with attention to personal style: recycling, recontextualizing, etc. The tragedy is that differentiating oneself from the stigma associated with a lack of access only reinforces the original stigma by proposing that poverty is embarrassing and worth moving away from. The inverse of this, normcore celebration of 'poor aesthetics,' is even more boorish in that it superficially camouflages the privileged among the genuinely deprived, thus absolving the former group from having to acknowledge their systematic advantages. It also sedates the movement toward eliminating poverty by re-presenting it as a "chic lifestyle choice."

Basically, there is no way to morally defend an involvement in fashion. But that refers back to my disclaimer post, De Profund-ish. 

I went with option A, flexing my creative muscles to make some unnecessary statement about how ~innovative~ I am as an individual, and how there's ~no excuse~ for not having a diverse sense of style, even during times of hardship. Propaganda 101... who knew it looked so innocent?

Same pair of Missguided heels in every outfit, and a leatherette motif theme throughout. Consistently incorporating a material, color, or pattern in your looks for the week lends plenty of credence to the insinuation that every outfit was deliberately selected in line with your preferences -- even if it all came together by chance.

water sign

Zero UV clubmaster sunglasses, Missguided leather crop top, Ping Ping & Rabbit bubble print leggings, H&M denim shirt

en fait

Retro City sunglasses, Romwe collar and Givenchy-inspired shirt dress, J Brand leather cuff jeans, Romwe rhinestone necklace

Retro City sunglasses, OASAP cuff necklace, T by Alexander Wang top, Romwe leatherette overalls dress

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. Omg so amazingly witten and so profound aha ive also noticed that its cool to look poor nower days qith mo re people adopting the distressed on distressed looks and leaving the prim pastel polos and pressed chinos at home! Lovs your looks too darl I need those leather skirt dungarees in my lifee! xo


  2. Or? It could be about stretching the limits of a single garment, wringing as much creative output as possible from it. I don't think that reinforces a stigma against poverty; I think it emphasizes that poverty needn't be a barrier to aesthetic expression.

  3. wow I love those bubble leggings!

  4. you look amazing!!!
    love your shoes! :D

  5. This post is one of the best blog posts I've ever read in my life. Well-written and very much well-photographed! Super stylist!