Saturday, April 5, 2014

rainbow rave

I'm gonna be real with you. I hate raves so much that I almost can't even talk about them. My palms start sweating, my heart starts racing, I feel like I have to take a phantom shit and suddenly where the fuck is my valium. It's not that I "still haven't had the right experience" because trust me - I've done plenty of raving in my recent youth. It's that I associate raves (or musical festivals, parties that last until well after 2 AM, and DJ sets) with MDMA comedowns. Recommendation to anyone reading this who hasn't ever tried molly/ecstasy/press pills: CONTINUE TO AVOID THESE DRUGS AT ALL COSTS. One exposure can sabotage your regulation of serotonin forever and you'll have to take an SSRI/SNRI (anti-depressant pill) to return to a stable mood. :(

Nonetheless I've put together many a technicolor outfit for the more casual raver: shorts instead of a tutu, sports bra instead of a lingerie top, backwards cap instead of a flower crown. Which isn't to discredit the greatness of tutus, lingerie, and flowers... I've just never been one to 'get down' in tulle and lace. This is totally not me trying to shit all over things girls do in an internalized-misogyny kinda way. Anyway, back to me lecturing you about the dangers of hedonism. Rainbow brights will definitely put you in the party mood but (in the interest of preserving your own sanity) complement that pleasure-seeking with deference to the fact that post-traumatic disorders are possible and after repeated drug indulgences you seriously might not ever be the same again. No pressure.

24 Hours vinyl snapback, Daily Look digital print bomber jacket, Romwe rainbow gradient shorts

Everything is infinite,



  1. Those shorts are amazing!! xx

  2. I am so glad I have your blog to read again.

  3. Dear Bebe
    I have to say the first time I checked you out it was the title that caught my atention and compelled me to follow. Then the way you arranged your outfits and your uniqueness in matching things that made me look. But the fact that you are totally grounded, that you see right through the fashion industry, and that you WRITE about it- that made me stay. You seem authentic, realistic, even though that at times may make you sad or come off as bitter. And I find brilliance in that. I like how you don't mind writing your mind and proving you're intelligent, even though it might turn others off while looking at your pictures. I enjoy very much reading what you have to say about this and that. Same as in fashion, you have a very characteristic writing style. Sorry I'm going all fangirl, but I've come to a point where I feel that 'fated to be hated' would be incomplete without the majestic post-depression rants, if you will. Anyway, just that. Please carry on, love this blog, etc.
    Ps, please don't get me wrong, I really hope you're getting better, but carry on with the angry writing plz! xoxo

  4. Cool outfit.

  5. So colorful!

    x Dawn

  6. this outfit is perfect!! x

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