Monday, April 21, 2014

suede and stripe x swaychic

I'm getting SO BORED of being sad so I'm trying to channel some of my more adventurous (formerly known as 'free-spirited') energies that usually manifest in the form of a 1970s inspired get-up. Optimism, even when forced, is a good start to the week. I'm trying to will myself into believing that willing myself into believing things will actually make them happen. *hits cymbals*

This striped faux fur coat is c/o my longtime friends at Swaychic! They've been growing like CRAZY over the past couple years and their inventory has never been better -- I got so overwhelmed looking through their most recent art-school-grunge and seaside vacation inspired lookbooks that I HAD TO MAKE A COLLAGE showcasing my latest favorites. Those lascivious material possessions get me every time... them and their stupid perfect shiny perfectness.

1. All-nighter faux leather skirt ($34.50) | 2. Marble works ankle zip trouser ($36.95) | 3. Sophie knitted sweater ($32.50) | 4. Have A Heart On sunglasses ($14) | 5. Key West painted jumpsuit ($38.95) | 6. 202 Warehouse mesh jogger pant ($29.95) | 7. Paint The Town separates ($44.50) | 8. Le Fuzzy Beret ($14.50)

Zara hat, Rings and Tings necklace, Vize hooded 80s Purple sunnies, Harlequin faux fur coat c/o Swaychic, sleeveless suede minidress c/o Grayson, platform boots c/o Missguided

The jacket I'm wearing in this outfit is called "The Harlequin Faux Fur Coat" ($68) and I'm 99.999% sure it would make Penny Lane fall to her knees. I FREAKIN LOVE YOU SWAYCHIC YOU NEVER CEASE TO FULFILL MY ROCKSTAR GOUPIE FANTASIES.

My sleeveless suede minidress is $17 and c/o Grayson (who also hooked me up with those fab leatherette leggings I debuted last week). And my delicious platform boots are from the all stars at Missguided, who have pretty much stocked my entire 'shoe wardrobe' for the past several months.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva