Wednesday, July 30, 2014

bless this mesh

I'm desperately in need of a rose. From a dude. Preferably silk, so I can use it for my art. Post-Emoji Romance Aesthetics (please kill me and take my computer away so I am not able to promote or publish any of the shit ideas I test drive here first). This dress without a rose... it feels like one of those dreams where you're naked and in public and frantically looking for a shirt but also trying to pass it off like the topless look was totes deliberate and you're not ashamed at all. Something something something about authors being dead since I bring that up so much, something something subconscious coin toss narrative, something art something shame buy this dress, etc. I know I'm really good at this blog thing. Not worn out at all. Chock full of new ideas and sincerity. But seriously actually I love this dress - it makes me feel like I have my shit together DESPITE lacking a silk bouquet or even a bae to text me a sparkling .gif of one. 

Msfairy dress, Zigi @ Karmaloop booties

Everything is infinite,