Sunday, July 13, 2014

get money

I don't understand bloggers who don't use their internet presences as platforms to vent about how much their life sucks. Maybe it's because I don't understand people whose LIVES DON'T SUCK... this blog is officially a forum for complaining, feel free to use the comment section below to shit talk yourself and others.

My sweater (as you can prob surmise) is a HILARIOUS JOKE considering I'm the brokest bitch you will ever virtually meet in your lifetime. Where do people get money? How are peeps even emotionally stable enough to handle a job? In addition to not understanding lifers, I do not understand rich people, working people, and the mentally healthy. Blogging multiple times a week is as much stability as you're gonna get from me. 

Romwe illuminati sweatshirt, Yes Style jeans, Daily Look heels

Everything is infinite NOOOOTTTTTTTT,



  1. Lol @ the mentally healthy lolll
    But I do loooove your outfit, very coool! I love the print of the sweater, looks great with the blue ripped up denim jeans and the white color heels is just so perfect with the blue and green colors of your outfit ♥

    I totally hear ya about get money :/

  2. Those boyfriend jeans are so cute & look perfect on you.
    The shirt you paired it with is such a unexpected twist
    but I love it!

  3. I fuckin' love your opinion! And to make you feel better, I might be much more broken than you are lol, but who cares. You look so gorgeous as always, anyway.


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  5. You are spilling the truth tea haha. Seriously though, I love that you always give your 2 cents and you don't sugar coat it. Keep doing you Bebe!! xxx

  6. I love your make-up!

  7. Bebe, your Illuminati sweater is brilliantly relevant. :) And ah, choice between stability and multiple blog posts-tough choice. :)

  8. This reminds me of why I had liked to wear black in the summer, sometimes colorful clothes when I was mad, and to be the only one reading a book during a party. It's confusing to others, entertaining to me, honestly, and some form of a statement. And I think crazy minds created some of the cool things we have today..

    Oh, and, sexy outfit !

  9. I don't even have the energy to complain about how much my life sucks right now. But when I do, I bitch so much on my blog. How do other bloggers make their lives look so shiny?