Tuesday, July 29, 2014

let me eat cake

Like every other Katy Perry song, "Birthday" is a particularly egregious appeal to male fantasy. And the boob metaphor (it's time to bring out the big balloons) is one of the worst I've heard in pop. But it's like THE CATCHIEST SONG EVERRRRRRR and tbh I wouldn't mind being so in love with someone that sexual slavery seems more like a fun, voluntary pastime than a regressive indulgence for my boo. Someone call the Oedipal Arrangements police. Clearly I'm the chief in my 'Mother Tongue' bodysuit and a sweatshirt (sweetshirt?) so tasty it's hedonistic. Totally jk we all know this hoodie hearkens to Nick Jr.'s "Face" circa 2001, fiending for acid. Rave socks from Claire's and Hot Topic platforms, too. It's a look.

Romwe dessert sweatshirt, Romwe acid house bodysuit, Zero UV shades, Cobrashop choker

Everything is infinite,