Wednesday, July 2, 2014

rose gold

You could take one look at my metallic varsity jacket and accurately guess that I've been living in it for the past several months. It matches everything -- even silver is enhanced by the gold sleeves and gives me the liberty to go for a 'mixed metals' theme. My favorite pairing is with boyfriend jeans, but today's look features a cropped box dress from Front Row Shop and cat-eye sunnies (my other obvious staple) from Zero UV. So where does the jacket hail from?? If you weren't already in the loop, NYLON has an online store called #NYLONshop with hundreds of pieces as cute (or cuter? is that within the realm of possibility?) as my varsity goodness. The inventory is artistically curated and it shows - so I might have to issue a warning before encouraging people to browse. There is absolutely NO WAY you will not fall head over heels in love with something. 

Faubourg du Temple varsity jacket from #NYLONshop, Front Row Shop rose dress, Zero UV cat-eye sunnies

Everything is infinite,



  1. Great style! Love your shoes!

  2. Cute dress! It's perfect for summer!

    Emma x

  3. Nice look!

    x Dawn

  4. Nice page and i like blogwalking

  5. i like your heels.

  6. I always get a little angry when people tell me I can't wear silver and gold together. I'm doing it right now, aren't I?! Got my gold septum piercing and silver earrings. Your jacket is really cool!

  7. I stay away from Nylon Shop because I fall in love with everything! I really love the varsity jacket! The rose fold sleeves matches so perfectly with the dress. Adds an awesome sporty look to the already chic dress.♡

    xx AlexisSplash

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