Friday, July 4, 2014

twee antoinette

Haven't done a full blown pastel look like this in a while! My frilly pink instincts danced right back into fruition when Le Bunny Bleu sent me these mint green oxford lace-ups -- pairing them with a matching aquamarine rose jacket felt SO natural it's not even funny. Summer goth is always a fun look...  but sometimes I gotta let my inner cupcake SHINE knowhatimsayin?? Maybe some of my readers will even recognize this vintage belt from previous posts... that shit hearkens back to 2011's "Hello Kitten" get up. 

Romwe rose print vinyl jacket, Le Bunny Bleu oxfords

Everything is infinite,



  1. Love this look! It makes me want to sit down and watch little bunnies hoping around, lol.♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. love this, that jacket is beaut x

  3. Looove the skirt sooo cute and love the oxfords, love the color, so perfect with the socks! ♥ :)

  4. You're always stunning! You look so good in any kind of look!

    You can visit my blog as well on

    Lil Miss Bianca

  5. I really love the gold details + the pastel colours <3. And I LOVE how the mint green pops out against the pastel pink!