Monday, August 4, 2014

plaid to the bone

I've long time needed a pair of faux leather shorts like these to expedite the process of picking out an outfit. It's not like I value efficiency when it comes to fashion... we all know I prefer the impractical and consider functionality a detriment to creative potential. But when it comes down to me standing in the center of my closet, depressed stressed and pressed for time, I don't want to be thinking about what political statement I can make with my options. I just want a soft pair of shorts to slip into (and out of, if I just so happen to get lucky that day). And I want my brain to shut up for five seconds so I can live my life without feeling guilty for looking good according to 'normal people standards.' Fortunately, these shorts don't make me feel like I'm compromising my soul for comfort. Maybe it's because the brand is called "Cult of Individuality." I'm an individual no matter how wonderfully practical my outfit is.

Everything is infinite,