Friday, October 3, 2014

NO FILTER: glamour dolls makeup review

Kinda feels like overnight I forfeited my primary role as a fashion blogger and exchanged it for beauty guru instead! Glamour Dolls Makeup privileged me with the opportunity to try out some products and (as their slogan promises) make Barbie jealous. There are honestly only a couple cosmetic brands I trust for lipstick -- Makeup For Ever and Lime Crime. But after trying out Glamour Doll's lip creams and 'gloss snobs' I realize I can break up the monopoly and patronize another team of awesome artisans, too. These lipsticks and glosses are as opaque as paint! I'm used to the slimy, sheer bottled glosses you find at drugstores... and unhealthily familiar with the disappointment that immediately follows sliding a wand across your lips only to see a slightly pigmented residue staring back at you in the mirror. But I'm a beauty guru now, remember? I have standards!! Standards that demand trashing those filmy gobs for high-sheen, high-performance creams and glosses from Glamour Dolls

For every shade of lipstick, there's a top coat to match - either in a plastic tube or bottle. 

First I tried a pink lip cream called "Dolls Gone Wild." One word: accurate. I was ready to strip naked in this shade... and take exhibitionist selfies on my Las Vegas balcony. Love me a little matte sex appeal. 

"Dolls Gone Wild" was perfectly complemented by an opaque 'gloss snob' in a mauve shade called "Plastic Heart."

The second lip cream I tried is called "Juicy Melons" -- Jessica, the beaut who arranged this care package, specifically chose this pastel orange shade for me AND a coral lip gloss in "Wildflower" to match!

The third lip cream I tried is called "Karma." Expect to feel the wrath of her bitchier side with this purple shade because you can do NO GOOD looking this intimidating. Combined with the dark purple gloss snob in "Zombie Kiss," I felt more devilish than ever. Vixen is so the look for me. 

I also used the "Gypsy Duo Eyeliner" pencil for contrasting and experimented with a little glitter eyeliner. The silver is called "Kate" and the gold is called "Molly." You can guess which one I'll be wearing to my next rave amirite? ;)

So I have a lipstick, gloss, and eyeliner for every occasion -- parties, weddings, one-night-stands, selfie extravaganzas, you get the gist. Fulfills each of my beauty needs and leaves me with only one question: Barbie, can we at least still be friends?

Lip Cream: $2.99
Lip Gloss: $3.99
Gloss Snob: $1.99
Gypsy Eyeliner: $1.99
Glitter Liner: $1.99

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  1. Perfect colors! <3
    Really like the dark purple!!

  2. Absolutely stunning
    Love that coral
    S xx

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