Thursday, October 23, 2014

no road

There's only one road, the road to no roads. It's kind of like the "there's only one rule, no rules" principle except motivated by the threat of suffering and not the incentive of unregulated pleasure. I read Civilization and its Discontents once.

My gold letters bracelet (fashioned at a BCBG pop-up shop last year) used to read "ADORNO" - my then-favorite theorist. After much conflict with my spectacular fear of not appearing a chic poststructuralist in the spring of 2014, I changed the letters around like an anagram and created "NO ROAD" instead. I read a Guattari essay once.

I clearly didn't get it. But it could be worse. I could be accessorizing my reading history on much more public platforms like Twitter or Facebook, where people actually go to compare their content to my content. As for this platform... I imagine people just wind up here. Never a destination. Always an accident.

OASAP studded dress
, Cobrashop sunglasses, vintage boots

Everything is infinite,



  1. I love the dress studs, they give a very cool touch. <3

  2. hi bebe, how are you? Do you remember our cooperation? This is vicky from, you have't reply my email for a long time, can you kind to tell me when will you post our clothes? Kind to reply my thank you.

  3. Amazing accessories and i loooove your lipstick!!

  4. I've missed your thoughts on the world :) xoxo