Monday, January 19, 2015

ed hardly

I reeeeeally want to be truthfully able to say "overalls are my new thing," but I'm sure 'new thing' suggests 'worn more than twice.' In my heart, I am committed to overalls. Long ones. Baggy. Unflattering. Approved by a farmer. Although I only own a humble four pairs, they've somehow managed to monopolize my head space. They're the first article I look for when browsing shops online. They're tempting to wear to high brow production meetings when a fitted blazer is more appropriate. And dammit they comfortably embrace my entire body like a medium wash denim diaper. Like the onesie, they save me from having to select a top AND pants. When your top already *is* your pants, the time you'd otherwise spend inside your closet can be practically devoted to the more important things in life. Like herding cattle and farming.

But unlike my prudently dressed pastoral pals, I've got a penchant for luxury and couldn't resist glamming up. Combined with pumps and chunky Chanel earrings, my overalls leave no doubt that I'm a city slicker in disguise. But I own it. For Pete's sake I'm even wearing a rhinestone embossed Ed Hardy racing jacket.

You can thank Echo Club House (formerly Swaychic) for blessing the public with this look -- I'm holding down the fort in the Linebacker Bra, Cosby Sweater Snapback, and Gare Du Nord overalls. Check out their new site, show them some new love, support them by getting ya hands on some new goodies! At the very least, follow them on insta for 00s inspo.

Outfit c/o Echo Club House

Everything is infinite,



  1. Very dope!

  2. I love this urban and colorful take on overalls :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  3. Great style!! Amazing <3

  4. This look is rad and the pictures are really great <3

    xx Blanche

  5. Thanks for sharing!! So pretty!

  6. Very Nice Post!! Looking Different :)

  7. "And dammit they comfortably embrace my entire body like a medium wash denim diaper. " lolling out loud - overalls definitely don't appear on my radar at all but maybe I should pay more attention.

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