Thursday, January 22, 2015

me myself and eye

I think I've crossed a threshold in my blogging experience wherein I no longer expect anything to come out of my content creation. When I started out, there was a purpose: to get people's attention. And once I had their attention, another purpose emerged: to monetize my popularity. I was successful in my pursuits, but only for so long. While many bloggers were and are able to maintain their rate of production and profits, I am not one of them. I attribute this to my own failure to put money into my blog: I never paid a web developer to design me a more sophisticated layout, I never bought my own domain, I never traveled to New York for fashion week, I never hired a photographer to take my pictures. I remained "DIY" at the expense of my potential to thrive. Like anyone who missed the boat on an incredible opportunity to build an empire out of their access, I have my share of regrets. I could have translated "Fated To Be Hated" into a commercial endeavor generating enough ad revenue and collaboration fees to constitute a salary. I could have even set more modest goals, like aiming for a cool $1000/month. But not even that came into fruition. Nonetheless, for 99% of the time my blog has existed, I have been able to at least exchange sponsored garments for cash. The other 1% of the time includes the first couple months of my blog's existence -- and now. 

I hope that my blog's commercial failure is a creative blessing in disguise. I have only the clothes I started out with left (yes, the same pieces you saw in 2010) which means I must tap into a place of complete sincerity. There are no sponsors to appease and there are no liabilities. I have absolutely nothing to lose. And I am not obligated to blog about things I don't genuinely like just because I can flip them for ten bucks on eBay. 

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new life for me and my platform. A fresh opportunity for me to create, for free, with as much expressive recklessness as I see fit. I have no expectations of monetization -- and that's liberating, not a disappointment. All the labor I put into this blog must satisfy ME, because no gratification will come from anticipating validation or payment from others. I am untethered to everything but my Desire.

80s Purple mirrored shadesRomwe sequin eye sweater & blouse, vintage Minnie Mouse jorts from The Dog Show, Under Construction platform boots c/o Echo Club House, Pink Brix Kelly skull earrings + Coco ring

Everything is infinite,



  1. You know I'm excited for you - always on your team. This sounds like a great place to be in even if it is challenging.

  2. Chill sentimental post and derelict look bebe

  3. I think it's indeed important to do, say and dress as you please (and you're doing a good job on all aspects...) ;)

  4. I love this jumper. The sequin eye is amazing!

  5. I think you're in a great place, Bebe. You're thinking about what you want and need, not what will make the most money. :) xoxo

  6. I came across your blog as I was researching bloggers in Vegas. I may be moving there soon and wanted to do my homework before then. Reading your post really struck me. It's so hard to get lost in the shuffle when there are so many bloggers out there. But I love that you have your own sense of style and can write in an educated way, so hats off to you for that. Keep it up! It's about inspiring people, and if the money comes with that then great. If not, at least you're making a difference. :)

    xx jess

  7. Great outfit, love your sweater! <3

  8. Just do what makes you feel good ! But please keep posting <3

    xx Blanche

  9. 1. You are an amazing writer.
    2. This post hit very close to home.

    I've been following your blog since 2011 and yes, a lot of other bloggers have really gotten "big" but honestly a lot of them are boring. I actually look forward to seeing your outfits and reading your blog commentary. You are soo creative and honestly you are an extremely underrated bloggers. Some are only relevant because people get lost in looking at the blog photography instead of the outfit btw you have killer photography! Keep doing what you do!



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  11. I appreciate your honesty deeply and although I wish you never fell into the trap of monetising for the sake of monetising, blogging should always be about you!

  12. Fantastic outfit, you look beautiful !

    I wish you a fabulous weekend,
    With love from London,
    Hayley x

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  15. Sometimes, it's nothing that we've done wrong, but rather we just haven't come in contact with that "something" that's to convince us that our wrong is right. You see :) I LOVE your fashion! It's very retro-fun and sassy.

    I did send you a email regarding "OOTD & Features." Hope to chat soon :)

  16. By the way, I enjoyed and related to reading your write-up; you're a really good writer. I rarely say that--and I have my short attention span to blame for it. Talk soon!

  17. Whether you continue to blog or not, I really do hope that you continue to write. The way you articulate your thoughts and observations is amazing. I always look forward to reading what you've written just as much (if not more) than your crazy cool outfits. xxx

  18. I'm loving loving loving your sweater! like obsessed.

  19. your blog is so perfect aaah!!

  20. love the boots!

  21. I would like to recomend a book for you to read,if you like.
    "A spy on the house of love"
    By Anias Nin...

    1. In the house of love.
      sorry for the typo

  22. Love this outfit! And your blog in general! You're so creative in the way you dress, and it's very inspiring just scrolling down your site :)

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  24. I always read your blog when i want a reality check (usually after reading so many contrived "sponsored blog posts" on other sites) in the best possible way! Your blog is refreshingly honest that is raw and brilliant and makes me want to emulate a dose of your personality like my 7 year old self that used to see teenage girls wearing a "i'm doing me" outfit that was full of attitude and whimsical sass. xoxo

  25. I guess I'm lucky to be discovering your blog at a time when your creativity can be more fully unleashed.
    Your Romwe seeing eye sweater is a pretty pink. I also love the colour of your perfectly applied lipstick,
    your hair, and your 80s purple mirrored shades. Best wishes going forward!

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